Fern Juon; remembered fondly for her nursing care

Fern Alexix Taylor - nursing school graduationby Catherine Juon

While catching up with my family over Spring Break, mom shared a story that happened just this past week when she was at a local genealogical society (Hamilton Heritage Hunters) meeting. After introductions, someone walked up and inquired if she (Pat Juon) was related to Fern Juon, and yes, Fern was her mother-in-law. It turns out Fern had been her private duty nurse at age 20 when she had major surgery – 65 years ago – and she still remembered Fern fondly for her TLC (tender-loving-care).

Fern was private duty nurse at the Hamilton County Hospital (now Hamilton Hospital) from the ~1940’s to 1960’s. She passed away from cancer when I was in middle school (1982), but to this day, my parents get stopped in the grocery store, etc. by people who connect the name and credit Fern for being the “reason I’m alive”. That’s quite a legacy, to be remembered so fondly so many years later!


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