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In Switzerland the Moon is Always Male, author Paul Gilk – $15.00; Add $3.75 for shipping and handling for single copies; shipping is FREE when ordering two or more books delivered to same address. Order from Paul Gilk, The Log House, N3920 County E, Merrill, WI 54452.

In the middle of 1995, Paul Gilk and his wife Susanna (Juon) learn that Susanna’s elderly mother is ailing. Their six-week visit to Susanna’s native Switzerland to see Mama becomes, in the winter of 1996, a life-changing event for Paul, as he becomes immersed in a world very different from his native Wisconsin.

The author’s fascination and frustration with his wife’s native language–Schweitzerdeutsch, a German dialect–is an often hilarious theme in the book.

Throughout this Swiss journal runs a picture of a beautiful country, political, historical and geographic, sprinkled with the author’s philosophical ponderings and wry observations.


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