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Donald F. Lehman in an addendum to “Lehman Lore”:

The Heim-Juon Family

On March 19, 1824, a son, George was born at Jenatz, Switzerland, to Josias and Eva Yeni Heim.  On March 12, 1854, George Heim was married to Clara Rimathe from nearby Zizers, who had been born on April 4, 1836.  To this union were born two daughters, Eva in 1854 and Margaret in 1856.

The marriage of George and Clara Rimathe Heim was later dissolved and in July of 1862 Clara Rimathe Heim was married to Christian Juon, a traveling jeweler who plied his trade in Switzerland and Italy.  The family home was in Gruesch, in the waterfall studded mountain countryside of the Canton of Graubunden (Grisons), where the old Juon family inn was located.  The inn, named the “Schaefle”, meaning little sheep and marked by a carved lamb above the door.  Christian Juon’s father was the proprietor of the Schafli Gasthaus (shown below in a 1998 photo from Adolf Juon) at one time.

Christian and Clara Juon left Switzerland to go to American in the spring of 1872.*  Travelling with them were their children, Eva and Margaret Heim, Anna, Susanna, and Christian Juon.  Two more children, Sebastian, generally known as “Boscht”, and Clara, were born to Christian and Clara Juon in America.

*Date should be corrected to 1873.  Source:  copy of “Official newspaper of canton Grisons–Schiers, April 17th, 1873. – Note of Emigration: Christian Juon, village council member, and his family zum Schafli (likely implying that they owned or lived at the Schafli = Sheep Inn) are willing (in the meaning of planning) to emigrate to America.”  This publication translated via the Switzerland List, Wolf Seelentag

Ancestors and Descendants of Christian and Clara Juon


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