Ivadel “Ivy” Theodora Helland Juon

December 13, 2018

Ivadel “Ivy” Theodora Helland Juon was born July 21, 1919 to Sanford and Clara Torgerson Helland. She died Dec. 2, 2018.

Her first marriage to Willis Juon lasted 9 days; he was tragically electrocuted working on a windmill. She later married his brother, Merlan Juon in 1944. Their 62 year marriage ended with his death in 2006.

Ivy is survived by her children: Robert Juon, Donna Steiner, Kristie Swanson and their families.


May this be your best yet!

January 1, 2018


Simon Juon paintings – photos received from his son, Edi Juon in England

January 27, 2015

SimonJuon1 SimonJuon2

Stammlinien der Juon beginning in Torbel, Switzerland

June 21, 2013

Stammlinien der Juon beginning in Torbel, Switzerland

In loving memory of Alfred John Juon, Mar. 8, 1907-Dec. 14, 1996

March 8, 2013


Sergiev Posad – Konstantin Juon/Yuon – Russian painter

January 20, 2013


Konstantin Juon Painting

January 18, 2013

Today I received an email asking for information on a painting by Konstantin Juon. Ed, perhaps you have more information or could help this person find more information? Or maybe someone else in our global family has knowledge that might help?

“We are the owner of a wonderful oil painting by K. Juon of Siergiev Posad. We are trying to find out more about its history and originality of this painting (we are convinced it is original because it’s old, beautifully painted and signed). We do not know when and how it came to Germany. Because we do not know when and how it came to Germany, we think it would be a good idea to try and contact family members of the artist. Perhaps you could help us with this.

Best Regards,


Ralf Juon

December 16, 2012

This week I received an email, asking for help with information about Ralf Juon, son of Paul Juon. I am including it here with the hope that some of our global Juon family might be able to give this man more information?

I am a German, living in Berlin and working in the Polish town Kostrzyn nad Odra, up to 1945 the old Prussian town Küstrin.
In this town lived from 1931 to 1933 the eldest son of the composer Paul Juon, Ralf, born in 1903 in Berlin.
In 1932 this town celebrated the 700th birthday and Ralf got the commission to write the official book for this event. He did it, and he did it so marvellously that his book became soon a kind of cult book, at least the finest illustrated history of this sad town which was demolished completely in the last days of World War II.
With the town 90 % of these books vanished for ever, ca. 70 books survived the inferno and are now objects of speculations in the internet, getting prices up to 1.200 €.
But bobody knew until now who was Ralf Juon…
The Museum of Kostrzyn where I’m working decided to make a reprint of this book, it was a very complicated task because not a single book survived totally undamaged.
I was the artistic supervisor – I got this book as present when I was five, my father was acquainted with young Ralf, we lived all in the same town.
I got the task to find out some details about the author. I detected with the help of the International Juon Society the sad truth, that Ralf was missed in Russia almost in 1941, four weeks after the beginning of the German invasion to Russia.
He was missed, but his death is not reported.
The German and the Russian Red Cross sections are quite sure to know his tomb, but they are naming different places. But we were told that until now nobody asked for poor Ralf.
I know that there is existing only Monsieur Philipp Juon, in Lausanne, but he has to do with the French line, with the children of the second marriage of Paul Juon.
When you know any more details about Ralf, why he didn’t leave Germany with his parents in 1934, what he did between 1921 – the year of his matura – and  1931, would you like to help us ?
With kind regards from cool Europe
Klaus Thiel
Heinz-Kapelle-Str. 8
D-10407  Berlin
Kostrzyn nad Odra
Muzeum Twierdzy

Ed Juon Photography

November 21, 2012

A collection of photographs taken and developed over the years.


Photo used with Ed’s permission.

Rare find—picture including Christian and Catherine Wagoner Juon and children

September 24, 2012

The couple below and to the left of the post are Christian and Catherine Juon, Catherine holding Edna. Back row, upper left is Alfred. To the right of the post in the second row, second from the left is Clara. Front row, far left is Willis, next to him–Elmer, next to him (in front)–Merlan. Second from right in front row is thought to be Ione.

Photo contributed by a Lehman cousin, from his greatgrandparents, Frederick and Margaret Heim Lehman’s, 50th wedding anniversary celebration. Thanks, Steve!